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MediaWiki Handbook: Contents, Readers, Editors, Moderators, System admins +/-

This page is under development as are the help page footer templates described. Please help us improve these templates and this help page, discussing them in the discussion page.

At the moment this page is shown in categories used for other languages, because it includes various H:f examples for these languages. Please tolerate this oddity while this page is not yet translated into the affected language(s).



{{h:f|enname=pagename in English }} is at the bottom of many help pages and refers to Template:h:f. On Meta, due to the variable {{SUBJECTSPACE}}, it is language dependent and calls the language specific template named like Template:h:f Help, Template:h:f NL Help, or Template:H:f Aiuto. For some languages this construction is not used yet, and a template with a name that differs from this pattern is called. Anyway, the template produces a box at the bottom.

On English pages the variable PAGENAME could have been used instead of parameter enname, but this is for convenient copying to pages on the same subject in other languages. (See below for the explanation of the parameter.)

Help pages on Meta may (and should) have this template in the form shown above and discussed below at the bottom as footer template. For discussion on other older possibilities and instruction on how to make a transition see below.

What Template:h:f does is just to call (include) another template depending on the language. This language specific template has a name like Template:h:f Help or Template:h:f Aiuto. These names are created by adding after the Template:h:f a space and the name of the namespace of the help page in the specific language (this is done using the variable {{SUBJECTSPACE}}.

The Template:h:f passes to the language-specific template the parameter enname it received, and h:f puts langs below the result (see below, also note that the 'langs parameter is deprecated and will be abandoned)

How these language specific template are implemented is language specific. In the English and Italian version there is a list of links to the more important help page (in the same language) followed by a list of links to the alternative language version of the same page. This list, the one of the alternative language, is obtained using the method described below by the use of the parameter enname. Use of other old methods to pass the list of language alternative page is still supported at the moment (see below), but it will be soon discontinued. All editors are strongly encouraged to use the enname parameter to this purpose.

After you or someone else has already created an equivalent in your language of Template:h:f Help as described below, the recommended way to include the footer template is to include at the bottom of your page

{{h:f|langs=|enname=pagename in English}}

where in place of pagename in English you should put the name of the equivalent English page (with the namespace part Help: omitted). For example if you translate Help:Go button you will insert the following line:

{{h:f|enname=Go button}}

Please note that you must NOT translate the "Go button" in your languge.

Note: Until the transition is complete you should still insert a dummy parameter langs like in the following example:
{{h:f|langs=|enname=Go button}}
This paramenter allows old methods to continue to work. When the transition phase will be over the Template:h:f will be changed and the langs parameter will be no longer used.

When you save the page you will see at the bottom of the page a list of already present links to other languages. If your language is not already present (or if there is but the link is not correct) click on the +/- links to automatically edit the correct template. You have to insert the correct link to your language version in the template just opened. This change will automatically reflects on all pages of all language that use this method (you will may have to refresh the page to see the effect of this change)

How to create a language specific footer template

The first step is to figure out the name of the template (...)

Perhaps the easiest way to create a language-specific footer template, if one does not exist yet anywhere, is to copy another one that already exists, for example Template:h:f Help. You have to translate the English words and correct the link to the corresponding help page in your language. Some examples:

langs parameter deprecated

A parameter langs has been used for the interlanguage links, but unfortunately something like langs={{Go button}} does not work (it is not possible to include the content of another template in a parameter value), so no template could be used containing the list of interlanguage links.

For some versions of the first template(unclear) there are still calls of that template that specify a non-empty value for langs; for those templates, this variable is not yet removed; it has been put at the end, so that the help page is rendered with a line of interlanguage links looking the same regardless of whether they are due to the value of langs or the contents of the second template.

For versions of the first template that still have the langs parameter, it is recommended to call it with "{{hcen|langs=}}", etc. and create and use the second template instead. When for a given language, no non-empty values of the langs parameter are used anymore, it can be removed from the version of the template for that language and "|langs=" can be removed from the template calls (but there is no hurry for that because on a template that does not use that parameter it has no effect).

Namespace not using langs anymore

This is the list of the namespace where it is been verified that the parameter langs is not more used

  • it Italian: [[Aiuto:Sommario|]] [1]

Maybe this section is outdated, and the old langs= is already replaced everywhere.


For the Template:H:f Help (en) output see the end of this page.

Some of the following templates use customised versions of template:ed ( talk edit history links ) to provide an edit link. This is not strictly necessary, template:edi ( talk edit history links ) offers to use any link text on Meta, and of course Template:ed could be translated on projects with a single language. Here at Meta with its multilanguage Babel the following versions of this template are known: multilingual (multilingual) Deutsch (de) English (en) Français (fr) Italiano (it) +/-

Template:H:f Aide (fr)

Manuel de MediaWiki - Introduction - Index

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Toutes les pages d'aide sur : Meta | Wikipédia | SdL - modifier ce cadre

Template:H:f Aiuto (it)

Sommario delle pagine di Aiuto - Pagine nel namespace Aiuto su: Meta b: n: w: q: wiktionary

Per i lettori: Vai | Ricerche | URL | Namespace | Nomi delle pagine | Sezioni | Collegamenti | Puntano qui | Piped link | Collegamenti Interwiki | Reindirizzamenti | Variabili | Categorie | Pagine speciali
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Altri progetti: Wikibooks | Wikinews | Wikipedia | Wikiquote | Wiktionary - modifica questo piè di pagina relativo alle pagine di Aiuto in italiano

Template:H:f Hilfe (de)

MediaWiki-Handbuch - deutsche Hilfe Seiten: Meta Help Meta Hilfe b: n: w:/w: q: wiktionary

Grundlagen: Autoren | Artikel (Artikelnamen | Namensräume) | Einstellungen
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Diese Fußzeile bearbeiten

Template:H:f Hjelp (no)

Innhold for Hjelp - alle Hjelpesider

Lesning: | Søk | URL | Navnerom | Sidenavn | Seksjon | Lenke | Baklenker | Pipet lenke | Interwiki lenking | Redirect | Variabel | Kategori | Spesiell side
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Andre prosjekter: Wikibøker | Wikifelles | Wikinytt | Wikipedia | Wikisitat | Wikikilde | Wiktionary - Edit denne malen

Template:H:f NL Help (nl)

Inhoudsopgave - Nederlandse helppagina's: Meta b: n: w:/w: q: wiktionary

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Andere projecten: Wikibooks | Wikicommons | Wikinews | Wikipedia | Wikiquote | Wikisource | Wiktionary - bewerk dit sjabloon

Template:H:f 帮助 (zh)

帮助目录 - 帮助名字空间的全部页面: Meta b: c: n: w: q: wikisource wiktionary

阅读: Go | 搜索 | URL | Namespace | Page name | Section | 链接 | 链入页面 | Piped link | 跨语言链接 | Redirect | Variable | 分类 | 特殊页面
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Template:H:f Помощь (ru)

Содержание: все страницы в пространстве имён Помощь - Meta b: c: n: w: q: wikisource wiktionary

Посетителям: Поиск | Кнопка Перейти | URL | Пространства имён | Именование страницы | Секции | Ссылки | Обратные ссылки | Piped links | Интервики | Перенаправления | Переменные | Категории | Служебные страницы
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Вход и настройки: Представление системе | Настройки | Пользовательские стили
Редактирование: Обзор | Новая страница | Изображения/файлы | Страница изображения | Специальные символы | Формулы | Таблицы | EasyTimeline | Шаблоны | Переименование (перемещение) страницы | Редактирование ярлыков | Страница обсуждения | Тестирование
Проекты: Мета (основная страница) | Wikibooks | Wikicommons | Wikinews | Wikipedia | Wikiquote | Wikisource | Wiktionary
Edit this footer for Russian help pages

Template:H:f ヘルプ (ja)

メディアウィキ・ユーザーズガイド - ヘルプ・ページ全部

一般的な利用法: 表示 | 検索 | 検索に使用できない単語 | URL | 名前空間 | ページ名 | セクション | リンク | リンク元 | パイプ付きリンク | 言語間リンク | リダイレクト | 変数 | カテゴリ | 画像ページ | 特別ページ
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他プロジェクト: Wikibooks | Wikicommons | Wikinews | Wikipedia | Wikiquote | Wikisource | Wiktionary - Edit this template

Template:H:f Pomoč (sl)

Edit Ph:MediaWiki help policy

This list of templates used on help pages, but not yet covered by the handbook, is not complete. Please add what you find, or try to remove what's not really needed worldwide:

Povezave na druge strani s pomočjo
Vsebina pomoči - vse strani s pomočjo
Različice te strani s pomočjo (za druge jezike glej spodaj)
Pojdi na|Iskanje|URL|Imenski prostor|Ime strani|Razdelek
Povratne povezave|Povezava|Povezava z navpičnico|Medprojektno povezovanje|Preusmeritev|Kategorija|Stran s sliko
Prijava in nastavitve
Prijava|Nastavitve|Uporabniški slog|Posebna stran
Sledenje sprememb
Zadnje spremembe (izboljšane)|Sorodne spremembe|Nadzorovanje strani|Diff
Zgodovina strani|Povzetek urejanja|Manjše urejanje|Uporabnikovi prispevki|Pregledano urejanje
Zapolnjevanje strani|Izdelava nove strani|Seznam|<tt>Razpredelnica<tt>|Posebni znaki
Predloga|Spremenljivka|Čarobna beseda|Prestavitev (preimenovanje) strani|Urejanje bližnjic
Pogovorna stran|Preizkušanje
Izvoz|Uvoz|Zapletene predloge|Polje|Privzeto parametra
Prikaz formule|EasyTimeline|Polje za vnos|Računanje|Substitucija
Slike in druge naložene datoteke

Template:H:f Ndihmë (sq)

Doracaku MediaWiki - Gjitha faqet në anglisht: Meta Help
Nëse gjeni ndonjë fletë që i takonë hapsirës shqipe Ndihmë në hapsirën e anglishtes Help zhvendoseni atë në vendin në hapsirën Ndihmë.
Për lexuesit | [Kërko] · [Shko] · Lidhjet këtu · Artikull i rastit · Faqe Speciale · Version shtypi - Ndryshime së fundmi · N. fundmi përparuar · Ndryshimet fqinje · Lista mbikqyrëse · Historiku i faqes · tani · Ngarkoni skeda · Kontributet - Hyni · Parapëlqimet · (en) Stili i perdoruesit
Për redaktorët | Redaktimi : Faqja e Re · Emërtimi | Lidhjet · URL · Wiki · Ndërwiki · Nën shënimiet | Wiki tekstet · CSS · Lista · HTML dhe Wiki · Figura dhe skeda · Formulari | Seksionet · Kategoritë · #Ridrejtimet · Hapësirat · Zhvendosjet · Peshat | Kthimet · Testimet · Parapamjet | Shkurtesat · Veglat · Fjalët e SO · Stampat · Variabëlat · Operacionet e SO | Fushat përshkruese · Diskutimet · Konfliktet · v-ja | Shenjat ·
Për moderatorët |
Për administratorët |
Shtojca |
Redaktoni kutinë

Interlanguage links

For each help subject there is a template with links to the master pages of the help pages in all languages about that subject. Typically the master page is on Meta, but if not, the link shown is to the master page elsewhere, often on the Wikipedia for the language concerned. Do not use newlines in the wikitext of the templates: although they do not show up on the template page, they break lists, including those below.

The templates are shown below, with the value of the parameter enname.


System admin


Go button
Page name
Navigational image
What links here
Piped link
Interwiki linking
Special page
Downloading pages

Tracking changes

Recent changes
Enhanced recent changes
Related changes
Watching pages
Page history

Ænglisc (ang) Català (ca) Deutsch (de) English (en) Français (fr) Italiano (it) Русский (ru) Shqip (sq) 中文 (zh) 日本語 (ja) +/-

User contributions
Edit summary
Minor edit
Patrolled edit

Logging in and preferences

Logging in
User style


Starting a new page
Images and other uploaded files
Image page
Special characters
EasyTimeline syntax
A quick guide to templates
Renaming (moving) a page
Editing shortcuts
Talk page
ISBN links
MediaWiki namespace

See also

Edit Ph:MediaWiki help policy

This list of templates used on help pages, but not yet covered by the handbook, is not complete. Please add what you find, or try to remove what's not really needed worldwide:

Links to other help pages

Help contents
Meta | Wikinews | Wikipedia | Wikiquote | Wiktionary | commons: | mw: | b: | s: | mw:Manual | google
Versions of this help page (for other languages see below)
Meta | Wikinews | Wikipedia | Wikiquote | Wiktionary
What links here on Meta or from Meta | Wikipedia | MediaWiki
Go | Search | Stop words | URL | Namespace | Page name | Section
Backlinks | Link | Piped link | Interwiki link | Redirect | Category | Image page
Logging in and preferences
Logging in | Preferences | User style
Advanced editing | Editing FAQ | Edit toolbar | Export | Import | Shortcuts
Tracking changes
Recent changes (enhanced) | Related changes | Watching pages | Diff
Page history | Edit summary | User contributions | Minor edit | Patrolled edit
Style & formatting
Wikitext examples | Reference card | HTML in wikitext | List | Table | Sorting | Colors
Special input and output
Inputbox | Special characters | Displaying a formula | Images (uploads) | EasyTimeline
Advanced functioning
Template | Advanced templates | Parser function | ParserFunctions | Parameter default
Variable | Magic word | System message | Substitution | Array | Calculation
Page management
Starting a new page | Renaming (moving) a page | Protecting pages | Deleting a page
Special pages
Talk page | Testing | Sandbox | CentralNotice


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