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This page might be obsolete.

Apart from the source (the content itself) the data about a current or old version of a page are as follows.

The edit metadata, the metadata of the edit that resulted in the particular version, are:

  • first or not
  • minor or not
  • date and time
  • name of page
  • username or IP
  • edit summary

Other data about a page are:

  • protected or not
  • internally:
    • id (for old versions these are shown in the URLs of page history links)
    • for current version only:
      • redirect or not
      • viewing counter (disabled)
      • which pages link to which
      • which users watch which pages

Note that there is some redundancy for efficiency: also clear from the content are:

  • whether a page is a redirect
  • which pages link to which

See en:Wikipedia:Edit summary#Places where the edit summary appears for lists of edit metadata.

For details see the documentation at Sourceforge [1].

See also XML export, RDF metadata

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