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GPS Waypoint
100 Foot Rock 47°51′2.31″N, 122°20′16.19″WLatitude: 47°51′2.31″N
Longitude: 122°20′16.19″W
200' Wooden Shipwreck 25°12′34″N, 80°14′48″WLatitude: 25°12′34″N
Longitude: 80°14′48″W
288 Lake 29°36′26.297″N, 95°20′26.778″WLatitude: 29°36′26.297″N
Longitude: 95°20′26.778″W
A-7 Corsair II Wreck 29°58′59.7″N, 87°11′47.04″WLatitude: 29°58′59.7″N
Longitude: 87°11′47.04″W
A.E. Vickery 44°16′49.2″N, 76°1′10.98″WLatitude: 44°16′49.2″N
Longitude: 76°1′10.98″W
AR-130 - Buoy 36°0′11.52″N, 75°31′48″WLatitude: 36°0′11.52″N
Longitude: 75°31′48″W
AR-140 - 130' Barge 1 35°56′44.7″N, 75°31′53.22″WLatitude: 35°56′44.7″N
Longitude: 75°31′53.22″W
AR-140 - 130' Barge 2 35°56′40.62″N, 75°31′55.32″WLatitude: 35°56′40.62″N
Longitude: 75°31′55.32″W
AR-140 - Buoy 35°56′44.46″N, 75°31′46.86″WLatitude: 35°56′44.46″N
Longitude: 75°31′46.86″W
AR-145 - 115' Landing Craft (LCU 1468) 35°54′4.02″N, 75°23′55.98″WLatitude: 35°54′4.02″N
Longitude: 75°23′55.98″W
AR-145 - Advance II 35°53′60″N, 75°23′52.02″WLatitude: 35°53′60″N
Longitude: 75°23′52.02″W
AR-145 - Buoy 35°54′1.02″N, 75°23′52.98″WLatitude: 35°54′1.02″N
Longitude: 75°23′52.98″W
AR-145 - Falcon 2101 35°53′56.76″N, 75°23′46.98″WLatitude: 35°53′56.76″N
Longitude: 75°23′46.98″W
AR-145 - Falcon 2111 35°53′55.08″N, 75°23′46.68″WLatitude: 35°53′55.08″N
Longitude: 75°23′46.68″W
AR-160 - Buoy 35°43′53.28″N, 75°26′46.26″WLatitude: 35°43′53.28″N
Longitude: 75°26′46.26″W
AR-160 - Dionysus 35°44′3.3″N, 75°26′43.98″WLatitude: 35°44′3.3″N
Longitude: 75°26′43.98″W
AR-160 - Irving H. 35°43′47.4″N, 75°26′44.76″WLatitude: 35°43′47.4″N
Longitude: 75°26′44.76″W
AR-225 - Buoy 35°6′45″N, 75°39′13.98″WLatitude: 35°6′45″N
Longitude: 75°39′13.98″W
AR-230 - 105' Tug Mr. J.C. 35°6′7.26″N, 75°42′57.06″WLatitude: 35°6′7.26″N
Longitude: 75°42′57.06″W
AR-230 - 130’ Yard Freighter 35°6′10.98″N, 75°42′58.02″WLatitude: 35°6′10.98″N
Longitude: 75°42′58.02″W
AR-230 - 75' Landing Craft 35°6′12.48″N, 75°42′57″WLatitude: 35°6′12.48″N
Longitude: 75°42′57″W
AR-250 - Buoy 34°56′54″N, 75°54′52.02″WLatitude: 34°56′54″N
Longitude: 75°54′52.02″W
AR-255 - Buoy 34°55′28.98″N, 75°57′55.02″WLatitude: 34°55′28.98″N
Longitude: 75°57′55.02″W
AR-275 - Buoy 34°50′5.58″N, 76°16′52.8″WLatitude: 34°50′5.58″N
Longitude: 76°16′52.8″W
AR-275 - Gulf Coast 34°50′7.02″N, 76°16′37.02″WLatitude: 34°50′7.02″N
Longitude: 76°16′37.02″W
AR-275 - Miss Clara 34°50′9″N, 76°16′51″WLatitude: 34°50′9″N
Longitude: 76°16′51″W
AR-285 - Buoy 34°33′22.98″N, 76°26′21″WLatitude: 34°33′22.98″N
Longitude: 76°26′21″W
AR-285 - Nancy Lee 34°33′31.98″N, 76°26′12″WLatitude: 34°33′31.98″N
Longitude: 76°26′12″W
AR-300 - US Navy Yard Oiler FS-26 34°18′31.02″N, 76°24′7.98″WLatitude: 34°18′31.02″N
Longitude: 76°24′7.98″W
AR-302 - Yancey 34°10′15.9″N, 76°13′42.18″WLatitude: 34°10′15.9″N
Longitude: 76°13′42.18″W
AR-305 - Aeolus 34°16′42″N, 76°38′35.52″WLatitude: 34°16′42″N
Longitude: 76°38′35.52″W
AR-305 - Spar 34°16′39.78″N, 76°38′41.1″WLatitude: 34°16′39.78″N
Longitude: 76°38′41.1″W
AR-315 - 104' US Navy Tug Takos 34°40′19.74″N, 76°44′46.8″WLatitude: 34°40′19.74″N
Longitude: 76°44′46.8″W
AR-315 - 60' Lash Barge 1 34°40′13.98″N, 76°44′36″WLatitude: 34°40′13.98″N
Longitude: 76°44′36″W
AR-315 - 60' Lash Barge 2 34°40′24″N, 76°44′28.98″WLatitude: 34°40′24″N
Longitude: 76°44′28.98″W
AR-315 - Aircraft: A-4E (2) 34°40′22.02″N, 76°44′39″WLatitude: 34°40′22.02″N
Longitude: 76°44′39″W
AR-315 - Aircraft: CH-46 & OV10 34°40′22.68″N, 76°44′39.3″WLatitude: 34°40′22.68″N
Longitude: 76°44′39.3″W
AR-315 - Aircraft: F-4 1 34°40′21″N, 76°44′39″WLatitude: 34°40′21″N
Longitude: 76°44′39″W
AR-315 - Aircraft: F-4 2 34°40′21.12″N, 76°44′38.16″WLatitude: 34°40′21.12″N
Longitude: 76°44′38.16″W
AR-315 - Buoy 34°40′19.98″N, 76°44′40.02″WLatitude: 34°40′19.98″N
Longitude: 76°44′40.02″W
AR-315 - Finest Kind 34°40′12″N, 76°44′42.18″WLatitude: 34°40′12″N
Longitude: 76°44′42.18″W
AR-315 - Theodore Parker 34°40′20.983″N, 76°44′40.186″WLatitude: 34°40′20.983″N
Longitude: 76°44′40.186″W
AR-320 - Buoy 34°39′31.98″N, 76°48′25.02″WLatitude: 34°39′31.98″N
Longitude: 76°48′25.02″W
AR-320 - Novelty 34°39′28.98″N, 76°48′25.98″WLatitude: 34°39′28.98″N
Longitude: 76°48′25.98″W
AR-330 - 2 C-130 aircraft 34°33′37.98″N, 76°51′22.02″WLatitude: 34°33′37.98″N
Longitude: 76°51′22.02″W
AR-330 - 320' Repair Ship Indra 34°33′42″N, 76°51′6″WLatitude: 34°33′42″N
Longitude: 76°51′6″W
AR-330 - Buoy 34°33′38.04″N, 76°51′16.02″WLatitude: 34°33′38.04″N
Longitude: 76°51′16.02″W
AR-330 - F-4 Aircraft 34°33′37.98″N, 76°51′21″WLatitude: 34°33′37.98″N
Longitude: 76°51′21″W
AR-330 - Nepomuk 34°33′43.44″N, 76°51′6.36″WLatitude: 34°33′43.44″N
Longitude: 76°51′6.36″W
AR-342 - Buoy 34°36′33.12″N, 77°2′11.34″WLatitude: 34°36′33.12″N
Longitude: 77°2′11.34″W
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