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MediaWiki Handbook: Contents, Readers, Editors, Moderators, System admins +/-

System Administrator's Handbook

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Sysadmin's Guide
MediaWiki architecture
Database layout
Job queue

Working with SVN
Installing the SVN tree
OS specific help
Timezone adjustments

Security techy
Securing database passwords
User rights management
Resetting passwords

Preventing Access
Configuration settings
Apache config
Shorter URLs
PHP config
MySQL config
PostgreSQL config
Tips and tricks

Layout customization
Set Global Timezone
Interwiki links
Custom navigation bar
Custom skins
Custom namespaces
MediaWiki extensions

Manage the database
Move a database
Reduce the size
Lock the database

PHP caching
File cache
Squid caching
Cache strategy
Wikimedia servers
As your site grows

Maintenance scripts
Upgrade Mediawiki
Math errors

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